PROGRAMME | Nov 13th to 15th

Denial and Utopia.
1st National Performance Art Show in Ex Teresa Arte Actual

Wednesday, 13th of November19:30 pm
Gustavo Álvarez
Length: 50 minutes
Artist led Q&A roundtable discussion after the performance

Shukuruame talks about a sorcerer who represents evil and who is solely responsible for everything that goes wrong: an important figure in the cosmogony of the Rarámuri culture, who see this sorcerer as an important part for the creating equilibrium in the world. Gustavo proposes in this performance, that evil is necessary, because it confronts and serves as a powerful incentive for living life in a good way, because the question “What is evil and how it affects our everyday lives?” is always present in a latent state, and it always remains unanswered.

Thursday, 14th of November19:30 pm
A que no puedes comer sólo una
(You’ll have to eat more than one)
Miguel Pérez Ramos / Santo Miguelito
Length: 30 minutes
Artist led Q&A roundtable discussion after the performance

His performance You’ll have to eat more than one is taking a look at the connection between obesity and advertising in Mexico. As a result of the media rapidly detoriating eating habits in Mexican society, a chain of side effects were initiated, such as the excessive consumption of brand-name items, a general feeling of insecurity, as well as a severe rise in certain illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and eating disorders.

Friday, 15th of November19:30 pm
Dulces y amargos sueños
(Bittersweet Dreams)
Petrona de la Cruz, in collaboration with Doris Difarnecio
Length: 60 minutes
Artist led Q&A roundtable discussion after the performance

Bittersweet Dreams is an autobiographic monologue, which uses an autobiographical testimony as a form of resistance against the violence against women. It talks about a childhood that ended prematurely and an adult life, that made the protagonist mature too quickly. Petrona wants to point out the ways in which women are being stigmatized in the indigenous communities from their early childhood and shows ways of resistance in response to this process.

Doris Difarnecio created and directed around 15 theatre pieces with the group “Power of the Mayan Women (FOMMA)” in Chiapas since 1999, at the same time she was the director of Centro Hemisférico, a satelite residence of Hemisferic Institute (NYU), New York, in San Cristóbal de las Casas, México, until it was shut down this year. She collaborated with Petrona on various occasions, before she co-created and directed Bittersweet Dreams.

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