PROGRAMME | Nov 6th to 8th

Denial and Utopia.
1st National Performance Art Show in Ex Teresa Arte Actual

Wednesday, 6th of November19:30 pm
Umbílical madrAZO
(Hard blows to the umbilical cord)
Anúk Guerrero, in collaboration with Jerry Shaw, 
DJ Discreto and Lenguaarmada
Length: 40 minutes
Artist led Q&A roundtable discussion after the performance

In her performance Umbílical madrAZO, Anúk wants to take a look at Mexican identity from a raw angle: she is evoking multicultural hybrids of contemporary peoples, nomadic tribes which move in groups and who frequently ask each other: Brothers, sisters? Which ancestry are we stemming from?

Assisting performer: Jerry Shaw. Their work centres around the ritualization of the transgendered background, deconstructing stereotypes and social categories, which are being imposed on non-obidient bodies.

Musician: DJ Discreto. Independent musician and composor, who is being released on Rarotonga Records.

Rapper: Lenguaarmada (The Armed Tongue). Musician, composor and front person of the band "Demonios Sekt" (The Devils Sect).

Thursday, 7th of November19:30 pm
The Legacy (I am not a person, I am a butterfly)
(La Manda – No soy persona, soy mariposa)
Lukas Avendaño
Length: 40 minutes
Artist led Q&A roundtable discussion after the performance

In their performance La manda (No soy persona, soy Mariposa), Lukas goes back to a personal, collective and historically precolumbine memory, emloying the identity of a  muuxhe as an empowered identity that can mutate and transform itself. Lukas refers to femininity in context to the catholic faith, as well as to peripheral identities and their relation to racism and discrimination.

Friday, 8th of November19:30 pm
Tríptico de la Frontera, parte III: Sueño de Ausencia
(Triptych on the Border, Part III: Dreaming of a Void)
Violeta Luna, in collaboration with David Molina
Length: 50 minutes
Artist led Q&A roundtable discussion after the performance

Dreaming of a Void is the third and last part of Tryptich on the Border, a cycle of performances exploring the issue of Mexican and Latinamerican immigration to the United States. This performance focusses on the realities of the immigrant, once they start building their lives on the other side, where the process of integration, the frequent lack of contact to the new culture and the immigrant’s difficulties of returning to their places of origin are in a state of constant des/integration.

David Molina is a composer, multi-instrumentalist musician and sound designer. He has composed, performed, recorded, mixed and designed music and sound for teather productions, dance pieces, cinema, radio, sound installations and multi media art for the past 18 years.

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